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Occupation: Administration
Contact Name: Gene A Lincoln
Company: Lovelace Health Systems
Address: 9101 Montgomery Blvd NE
City/State/Zip: Albuquerque, NM, 87111-2400  
Work Phone: (505)275-4211  
Home Phone: (505) 710-9164

Occupation: Engineer
Contact Name: William A Rothweiler
Company: The Plus Group
Address: 1512 Wyoming Blvd NE Ste D
City/State/Zip: Albuquerque, NM, 87112-3800  
Work Phone: (505) 845-2449   
Home Phone: (505) 296-3212

Occupation: Financial Management
Contact Name: Gary A Chabot
Company: New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee
Address: 8809 Brandywine Rd NE
City/State/Zip: Albuquerque, NM, 87111-1062  
Work Phone: (505) 986-4561  
Home Phone: (505) 856-5819
Comments Home: 505-856-5819 Senior Fiscal Analysis  

Occupation: Manager
Contact Name: David R Olson
Company: Sandia National Laboratories
Address: PO Box 5800
City/State/Zip: Albuquerque, NM, 87185-0100  
Work Phone: (505) 844-0511  
Home Phone: (970) 243-8881
Comments Please make contact through aol account. Including "TOPS" in the subject would be helpful.  

Occupation: Pilot
Contact Name: David T McBride
Company: America West
Address: 9821 Oakland Ave NE
City/State/Zip: Albuquerque, NM, 87122-3932  
Work Phone:   
Home Phone: (505)238-8021

Occupation: Program Management
Contact Name: Robert F Couch
Company: Tetra Tech EM, Inc.
Address: 6121 Indian School Rd NE Ste 205
City/State/Zip: Albuquerque, NM, 87110-4166  
Work Phone: (505) 881-3188EXT 112  
Home Phone: (505) 897-7794
Comments Program Mgmt - Environmental/Geologist  

Occupation: Realtor
Contact Name: Paul E Wilson
Address: 8233 Avenida La Prestina NE
City/State/Zip: Albuquerque, NM, 87109-3003  
Work Phone: (505)293-1224  
Home Phone: (505) 293-1224
Comments Real Estate Consultant and Personal Advisor  

Occupation: Training
Contact Name: Gerald A Languit
Company: Lockheed Martin Technical Services Group
Address: 4408 Rancho Largo Rd NW
City/State/Zip: Albuquerque, NM, 87120-5361  
Work Phone: (505) 256-6770  
Home Phone: (505) 890-2829

Occupation: Vice President
Contact Name: James P Kovalcik
Company: CH2M HILL
Address: 4041 Jefferson Plz NE Ste 200
City/State/Zip: Albuquerque, NM, 87109-3496  
Work Phone: (510) 251-2888EXT 2143  
Home Phone: (505) 821-1474

Occupation: State & Local Government
Contact Name: Thomas F Stewart
Company: County of Lincoln
Address: PO Box 711
City/State/Zip: Carrizozo, NM, 88301-0711  
Work Phone: (575) 648-2385 EXT EXT   
Home Phone: (575) 336-1344
Comments County government executive with expertise in local government - County, Village, & City  

Occupation: Modeling/Simulation
Contact Name: Michael L Scott
Company: L-3 Communications
Address: 4500 Aberdeen Ave Se Bldg 942
City/State/Zip: Kirtland Afb, NM, 87117-0001  
Work Phone: (505) 846-1269   
Home Phone:

Occupation: Training
Contact Name: Marvin A Schott
Company: Lockheed Martin
Address: Chapman Hall 4520 Aberdeen Ave
City/State/Zip: Kirtland Afb, NM, 87117-0001  
Work Phone: (505) 256-6762   
Home Phone: (505) 323-2259

Occupation: Education-HS & Secondary School
Contact Name: Michael S Dixon
Company: Las Cruces Public Schools
Address: 3010 Mimosa Ln
City/State/Zip: Las Cruces, NM, 88001-7412  
Work Phone: (505) 527-9430  
Home Phone: (575)527-8794

Occupation: Education-College
Contact Name: Martyn Clay
Company: Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell
Address: PO Box 6000
City/State/Zip: Roswell, NM, 88202-6000  
Work Phone: (727) 712-5892  
Home Phone: (575) 208-0880
Comments I am the chief academic and student affairs officer at a regional university and can provide information regarding teaching and student services positions at both community colleges and universities.  

Occupation: Education-HS & Secondary School
Contact Name: Richard V Geraci
Company: New Mexico Military Institute
Address: 101 W College Blvd
City/State/Zip: Roswell, NM, 88201-5100  
Work Phone: (505) 624-8400  
Home Phone: (505)977-2665
Comments - go to Commandant under Administration, Leader Development Programs, Student Affairs, Student Activities, Human Resources, Marketing, Program Management, Public and Parent Relations, Recruiting, Staff Training, Emergency Preparedness  - invo  

Occupation: Franchises
Contact Name: Peter D Murphy
Company: American Prosperity Group
Address: 524 Don Gaspar Ave
City/State/Zip: Santa Fe, NM, 87505-2626  
Work Phone: (505) 216-0838   
Home Phone: (505) 216-0838
Comments Retirement and Estate Planning Specialist Advisor: Corporate:  

Occupation: Human Resources
Contact Name: Daniel J McCormack
Company: State of New Mexico
Address: 407 Galisteo St
City/State/Zip: Santa Fe, NM, 87501-2641  
Work Phone: (505) 827-6303   
Home Phone: (505) 792-4272
Comments I can assist veterans with accessing the State of New Mexico Personnel Office where all state vacancy announcements are available. I work for the Department of Veterans' Services and we would like for the state to lead the way in hiring military veterans.  

Occupation: Program Management
Contact Name: Richard L Goodyear
Company: Air Quality Bureau, State of New Mexico
Address: 1301 Siler Rd Bldg B
City/State/Zip: Santa Fe, NM, 87507-3540  
Work Phone: (505) 827-1494  
Home Phone: (505) 983-3109

Occupation: Realtor
Contact Name: Barry N Kaye
Company: Santa Fe Properties
Address: 801 Apodaca Hill
City/State/Zip: Santa Fe, NM, 87501  
Work Phone: (505) 470-9339  
Home Phone: (505) 983-2619
Comments Also Far East Asia Specialist, Specifically China and Japan. I speak Chinese Mandarin.  

Occupation: Education-College
Contact Name: Travis P Kirkland
Address: 4524 N Gideon Truesdell Ln
City/State/Zip: Silver City, NM, 88061-4728  
Work Phone: (575)590-2684  
Home Phone: (541) 276-3946
Comments Experience in public community colleges as VP and CEO. Alternate email:  

Occupation: CEO/COO
Contact Name: John L Jones
Company: Entranosa
Address: 1330 New Mexico 333
City/State/Zip: Tijeras, NM, 87059-7312  
Work Phone:   
Home Phone: (505) 298-1323