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Occupation: Career Counselor
Contact Name: Mont K Hoover
Company: Semper Fi Exec
Address: 4204 Clark St
City/State/Zip: Anderson, IN, 46013-2420  
Work Phone: (765) 374-3410   
Home Phone: (765) 778-8660
Comments Owner/operator of an executive and professional staffing company  

Occupation: CEO/COO
Contact Name: Stephen T Howard
Company: Steve Howard Consulting
Address: PO Box 193
City/State/Zip: Bloomington, IN, 47402-0193  
Work Phone: (812)336-3681  
Home Phone: (813) 336-3681
Comments Can discuss careers in the nonprofit field, particularly member-serving nonprofits.  

Occupation: Financial Management
Contact Name: Richard F Worsena
Address: 4313 W Moss Ln
City/State/Zip: Bloomington, IN, 47403-9040  
Work Phone: (765)342-5511  EXT 102  
Home Phone: (772) 341-6735

Occupation: Program Management
Contact Name: Gary R Ayers
Company: SAIC
Address: 4039 W Mary Ellis St
City/State/Zip: Bloomington, IN, 47404-9145  
Work Phone: (812) 384-3587 EXT 256  
Home Phone: (812)545-3532
Comments Advanced Electromagnetic Effects Program Manager and Surface EW & Combat Systems Section Manager  

Occupation: Business Development
Contact Name: Scott R Christopher
Company: MBO
Address: 1950 E Greyhound Pass Ste 18-350
City/State/Zip: Carmel, IN, 46033-7400  
Work Phone:   
Home Phone: (317)373-7601
Comments International business development manager for ITT  

Occupation: Vice President
Contact Name: Steven L Kellam
Company: ONEX, Inc.
Address: 799 Spruce Dr
City/State/Zip: Carmel, IN, 46033-9496  
Work Phone: (317)842-9606  
Home Phone: (317) 842-9606

Occupation: Education-HS & Secondary School
Contact Name: Richard P Geier
Address: 1300 Academy Rd
City/State/Zip: Culver, IN, 46511-1234  
Work Phone: (843)525-6619  
Home Phone: (425) 338-9962
Comments I have worked as an administrator in higher education and in a technology training firm. I am currently the commandant of cadets at Culver Military Academy.  

Occupation: Logistician
Contact Name: Brian McGarry
Company: USG
Address: 301 Canal St
City/State/Zip: East Chicago, IN, 46383  
Work Phone:   
Home Phone: (219) 728-4414

Occupation: Marketing
Contact Name: Karl E Lundberg
Company: Luminocity
Address: PO Box 996
City/State/Zip: Fishers, IN, 46038-0996  
Work Phone:   
Home Phone: (317)774-1924

Occupation: Director
Contact Name: Cleo M Andrus
Company: Lincoln National Life Insurance
Address: 1300 S Clinton St
City/State/Zip: Fort Wayne, IN, 46802-3506  
Work Phone:   
Home Phone: (219) 471-2727

Occupation: Manager
Contact Name: Otto G Reimann
Company: PCI Operating Company
Address: PO Box M-832
City/State/Zip: Gary, IN, 46401  
Work Phone: (219) 881-1763  
Home Phone: (219) 736-5759

Occupation: Career Counselor
Contact Name: Garth L Young
Company: YOUNG & Associates
Address: PO Box 206
City/State/Zip: Gaston, IN, 47342-0206  
Work Phone:   
Home Phone:

Occupation: Program Management
Contact Name: Daniel M Sweet
Address: 1340 Lane 201 Ball Lk
City/State/Zip: Hamilton, IN, 46742-9317  
Work Phone: (410) 519-4226   
Home Phone: (260)488-5008
Comments I work from home in Maryland. My company has numerous positions available across the nation.  

Occupation: Administration
Contact Name: James P Bixler
Company: Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Address: 446 N County Road 1050 E
City/State/Zip: Indianapolis, IN, 46234-8983  
Work Phone:   
Home Phone: (317)523-2065

Occupation: Director
Contact Name: Raymond C Phillips
Company: Advanced Legal Systems
Address: 6253 Kentstone Dr
City/State/Zip: Indianapolis, IN, 46268-4859  
Work Phone:   
Home Phone: (317)455-1033

Occupation: Engineer
Contact Name: Daniel C Kinney
Company: Horner APG, LLC
Address: 640 N Sherman Dr
City/State/Zip: Indianapolis, IN, 46201-2563  
Work Phone: (317) 862-4360  
Home Phone: (317) 862-5360
Comments Electrical Engineer/Lead Qualificaiton Eng Work # 317-916-4274 Ext 462  

Occupation: Entrepreneur
Contact Name: Robert D Shaw
Company: General Business Services
Address: 6703 Crimson King Ct
City/State/Zip: Indianapolis, IN, 46256-3261  
Work Phone: (317) 849-5223  
Home Phone: (317) 849-2059

Occupation: Human Resources
Contact Name: David A Mahoney
Company: US Customs and Border Protection Agency
Address: 6510 Telecom Dr
City/State/Zip: Indianapolis, IN, 46278-6029  
Work Phone: (614) 692-8078   
Home Phone: (614) 866-4377
Comments I am a human resource specialist for the Columbus Ohio area. Looking for many good HR/administration service members to serve with Defense Logistics Agency, Department of Defense.  

Occupation: Lawyer/Judge
Contact Name: W Eric Pedersen
Company: Rolls-Royce Corporation
Address: PO Box 420
City/State/Zip: Indianapolis, IN, 46206-0420  
Work Phone: (317) 230-4694  
Home Phone: (317) 574-0026

Occupation: Other - See Comments
Contact Name: Robert S Noce
Company: ITT Educational Services, Inc.
Address: 5975 Castle Creek Parkway North Dr
City/State/Zip: Indianapolis, IN, 46250-4340  
Work Phone: (317) 594-4277  
Home Phone: (317)399-1502
Comments National Director of (Student) Recruitment Phone 800-388-3368 x 277  

Occupation: State & Local Government
Contact Name: Richard W Irish
Company: Indy Parks and Recreation
Address: 601 E 17th St
City/State/Zip: Indianapolis, IN, 46202-1703  
Work Phone: (317) 327-1470   
Home Phone: (317) 502-2976
Comments Assistant aquatics manager, City of Indianapolis; Park Manager  

Occupation: Safety
Contact Name: S W Schreckengast
Address: 40 Regal Valley Ct
City/State/Zip: Lafayette, IN, 47909-8051  
Work Phone: (514)954-8219  
Home Phone: (765) 807-6623
Comments Aviation safety technical officer for airlines and airports; safety management systems instructor.  

Occupation: Vice President
Contact Name: Robert J Kuehn Jr.
Company: Silver Eagle Consulting, Inc.
Address: 1014 Barrington Pl
City/State/Zip: Mishawaka, IN, 46545-8908  
Work Phone: (256)975-4752  
Home Phone: (256)975-4752

Occupation: Clergy
Contact Name: Chris M McGreer
Company: Townsend Bible Church
Address: Graduate School Theology
City/State/Zip: Newburgh, IN, 47630  
Work Phone: (208) 859-3370 EXT mob.  
Home Phone: (434)258-9034
Comments I would be glad to be a contact for the SW Indiana area as to helping our military in transition. FYI: I am right now working on my PhD in Theology at Trinity Theological Seminary. I have limited contacts because I just moved to Indiana. Still, I am willing to help. FYI: If, I was still in Idaho. I would thrown my hat in the ring to be the state networking coordinator, because as the Air Guard Chaplain I had lots of contacts, but sadly not in Indiana at this time.  

Occupation: Education-HS & Secondary School
Contact Name: Reverend Donald G Nunemaker Jr.
Address: 14375 Nutmeg Rd
City/State/Zip: Plymouth, IN, 46563-9352  
Work Phone: (866) 936-8834   
Home Phone: (219)892-6683
Comments Computer technology instructor  

Occupation: Business Development
Contact Name: David M White
Company: Portage Township Schools
Address: 6240 Us Highway 6
City/State/Zip: Portage, IN, 46368-5057  
Work Phone: (219) 762-6511  
Home Phone: (219) 763-6806

Occupation: Retired
Contact Name: Gene D Bruce
Address: 59190 High Pointe Dr
City/State/Zip: South Bend, IN, 46614-4100  
Work Phone:   
Home Phone: (574)288-3589
Comments Retired Army colonel & higher education administrator.  

Occupation: Education-HS & Secondary School
Contact Name: Con McDonald
Company: Terre Haute North Vigo High School
Address: 3434 Maple Ave
City/State/Zip: Terre Haute, IN, 47804-1765  
Work Phone:   
Home Phone: (812)466-4429
Comments I am a Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (retired officer) with Air Force Junior ROTC. I am in my 6th year of teaching.