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Legislative Action

Your membership supports advocacy efforts for better pay, health care, family support and retirement benefits. Adding your voice to our ranks is the best way to ensure that we will continue to protect your benefits and quality of life.

High Value Insurance Programs

MOAA offers its members some of the very best insurance plans available, including TRICARE insurance supplements and outstanding buys in term life insurance.

Employment Assistance

MOAA's acclaimed Officer Placement Service (TOPS) provides assistance to members and their spouses in career transition. TOPS offers resume advice, job listings, background information on more than one million companies, career fairs, and a worldwide network of fellow MOAA members.

MOAAs Info Exchange®

Reap the benefits of membership when you use the MOAA Info Exchange® - your most reliable resource for plain-English guidance on maximizing your hard-earned military benefits.

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Those eligible for MOAA Membership include active duty, former, retired, Reserve, and National Guard commissioned officers, commissioned warrant officers, warrant officers of the uniformed services, and surviving spouses of eligible offers.